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Blue Horse Arts

Blue Horse Arts is a teaching studio located at 250 Porter Street in Watertown, Connecticut. The mission is to provide high quality art instruction grounded in observation, practice, and theory in a friendly and welcoming environment. A solid foundation in traditional arts education, blended with contemporary theory, allows the student to explore his or her creative path within a structure that builds both skill and confidence.We can provide courses that are equal to many offered in the college or university setting.The students at Blue Horse Arts will come a way with knowledge that suits their particular aspirations and the tools to continue their self-education. Along with the art courses we wish to develop an artistic research space for community dialogue and education surrounding issues integrating nature and culture in a variety of formats. The platform for this integration will be exhibition, both physical and virtual, lectures, workshops, or formal instruction.


Shirt Bakery

Owned and operated by Alex Alves and Rebecca Blossom Alves, Shirt Bakery is located at 75 Commercial Street in Watertown Connecticut. For more info call 888-345-BAKE(2253).


Stone Veterinary Hospital

"At Stone Veterinary Hospital we are uniquely designed to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. The result is that we are able to treat a broad range of medical conditions that are not always responsive to conventional medicine alone in a manner that is both holistic and attuned to our clients' preferences." - Copyright 2011

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